Jernbanenyheder II. kvartal 2002

    Headlines: European Railway News
    • Denmark: ØSJS Mx 41 on lease to OHJ - Ikea Rail premiere - Ikea Rail and TGOJ T66-testings - Arriva takes over traffic on Vestbanen - MY 1145 for OHJ - EuroRail/NVAG/TBL MY 1148 without engine - Linx X2000 in use between Göteborg and Copenhagen - MY 1126 for DJK, 1105 returned to DSB - Museumsbanen Maribo-Bandholm 40 years - Arriva chooses Alstom Lint - Railion Mærsk-freight - Lollandsbanen freight extras - ØSJS Mx 41 returned from VLTJ - NS SGM III for rebuilding in Randers - More crossborder Flensburg-Tinglev trains - ØSJS MX on lease to OHJ - MZ 1406 reinstated for one day - DSB MK's sold to VSFT - MZ III's for services in Germany - Vestbanen to be sold to Arriva - Arriva to lease DSB MR - ME repaintings - Coming danish specials - Lollandsbanen M 38 presented - Class EG throughout Hallsberg-Padborg(-Maschen) - Banestyrelsen class MZ's - TraXion Mærsk-freight to be taken over by Railion in June - Museumstog MZ and TraXion MY on track rebuilding trains - VLTJ Nohabs
    • Austria: Class 2016 shunting accidents
    • Belgium: Dillen & Le Jeune Cargo first Belgian private operator
    • Estonia: GE-locos to arrive end-May - GE-locos for Eesti Raudtee
    • Germany: Nohabs on night train ended again - NVAG on Interregios?, 212 to Grindsted and arrival of 203 - OSE V200.1 returning to Germany - NVAG G1206 on lease - V170 on passenger workings - NVAG V100's and new workshop - MetroRail - LIREX for Sachsen-Anhalt - Heavy Haul Power International GmbH (HHPI) takes over Coal-freights - Deutsche Bahn InterRegios to end or convert to InterCities - Murnau-Oberammergau to loose class 141's - 101 010 back in use after 1½ year as spare parts donor
    • Greece: OSE A-500 remotorings
    • Hungary: GySEV 1047 presented - MÁV Taurus workings - First class 1047 delivered to MÁV
    • Luxemburg: CFL 1604 working to Paris
    • Netherlands: New shunting locos for NS Reizigers and Nedtrain
    • Norway: Class 66 for CargoNet
    • Romania: Delivery of Desiro for CFR from November
    • Sweden: IKEA-Rail start postponed again
    • Freight wagons: EVA sold to VTG - EUROP pool to end in 2003 - New ÖBB sliding door wagons - Railion Benelux Shimmns-ttu - B-Cargo Shmmns 3614E1
    • News updated 24. June 2002

    News archive:
    Denmark: Danske Statsbaner (DSB) & private railways

    ØSJS Mx 41 on lease to OHJ: ØSJS Mx 43 (DSB Mx 1006) on lease to OHJ was swapped for ØSJS Mx 41 on the weekend 15. June 2002. Mx 41 Kong Hother has been used on both the morning and afternoon school trains and the Holbæk-Høng freight trains in the following week. Notice that the OHJ school trains P 308/P 21 is run by ordinary Lynette-DMU's during the school holiday from the end of this week until august (24. June 2002).

    Ikea Rail premiere: The Ikea-train finally, after several postponements, started working from the evening of 11. June 2002, when TGOJ T66 714 "Kruthornet" hauled GF 21387 to Padborg, loaded with only 5 containers. The train returns as GF 21382 on the following morning. From Padborg a class 145 of RAG/BuH takes over. The train has been working quite to schedule wednesday to friday as well. More on the Ikea-train and timetables on the RTT-page (14. June 2002).

    Ikea Rail and TGOJ T66-testings: The start of the Ikea-rail freight trains has once again been postponed. However, on the night of 6. June 2002 TGOJ T66 714 was tested between Høje Tåstrup and Roskilde and between Vigerslev and Malmö. The fitting of danish ATC-security and radio systems has taken long time than originally foreseen. The official start date of the freight trains GF 21387 (Peberholm 18.28 - 23.05 Padborg) and GF 21382 (Padborg 05.00 - 09.26 Peberholm) is not yet known (7. June 2002).

    Arriva takes over traffic on Vestbanen: From 1. June 2002 Arriva took over traffic on Vestbanen (Varde-Nørre Nebel). The infrastructure (tracks, buildings, locos and DMU's) are still owned by Vestbanen A/S (and again owned by Ribe Amt, the local government). 3 Lynette-DMU's and the two MY's are used by Arriva and the freight traffic will continue to operate (primarily the Tønder to Grenå weekly freight with aluminium). A new workshop for the Arriva Lint's to be used on the former DSB-routes in Jylland will be build in Varde.

    On 12. June 2002 Arriva will present a Lint DMU from Germany in Silkeborg. Trainset will arrive on 11. June in Varde, then go to Silkeborg in the morning of 12. June and do 4 Silkeborg-Ry-Silkeborg demonstration runs, returning to the Varde workshop in the evening and then on to Germany again on 13. June (7. June 2002, sources Århus Stiftstidende, Jyllandsposten and others).
    The trainset presented on 12. June 2002 in Silkeborg was the LHB-Alstom owned, numbered as Mecklenburg Bahn Gmbh 707. A video of the presentation can be found on TV2/Østjylland (14. June 2002).

    MY 1145 for OHJ: MY 1145 was delivered to Odsherredsbanen in train M 6015 on 30. May 2002 after succesfull testings on Copenhagen Freight Yard to Roskilde and return trains (M 6011-6012) on the same day. The loco will be used for Høng-Slagelse-Ringsted freight trains and propably also on the Nykøbing S. - Holbæk school trains (7. June 2002, various sources).

    EuroRail/NVAG/TBL MY 1148 without engine: The strange ownerships of MY 1148 now ends with the loco losing its engine! The engine was originaly from PBS 1120 (owned by Tønder Bank Leasing), but was moved to MY 1148. This loco was the private property of the PBS manager and was since the bankrupcy of PBS known as EuroRail MY 1148. From the summer of 2001 the loco was supposed to be used by NVAG, however this fell through and now TBL is reclaiming their engine, thus the loco will be out of future use. On 31. May 2002 the loco was transferred from Padborg to the Copenhagen workshop in G 6650, hauled by EG 3102 + EA 3011 with MY 1148 as theird engive (dead in tow) (7. June 2002).

    Linx X2000 in use between Göteborg and Copenhagen: The first repainted Linx X2000 trainset, X2K 2038, is now repainted and refurbished and in use between Copenhagen and Göteborg since 28. May 2002. A total of 7 trainsets will be rebuild. Linx was formed in 2001 by SJ and NSB to develop inter-Nordic rail traffic. Current timetable sees the following trains worked by the Linx X2000:
    Tåg 485 Göteborg dep. 06.40
    Tåg 486 Copenhagen dep. 10.52
    Tåg 493 Göteborg dep. 15.40
    Tåg 494 Copenhagen dep. 19.56

    Tåg 487 Göteborg dep. 07.40
    Tåg 490 Copenhagen dep. 13.36
    Tåg 495 Göteborg dep. 17.40

    Tåg 486 Copenhagen dep. 10.52
    Tåg 493 Göteborg dep. 15.40
    Tåg 494 Copenhagen dep. 19.56
    More info is awailable on (7. June 2002).

    MY 1126 for DJK, 1105 returned to DSB: The GM-gruppen of Dansk Jernbane-Klub took over former DSB MY 1105 in 1998 and repainted the loco from the red/white livery it had when used by ABB Scandia as MY 90 86 00-21 105-0, back to red/black. However, Banestyrelsen demands ATC-equipment even for preserved locos on ATC-lines (all main lines), thus DJK/GM-gruppen was interested in taking over one of the ATC-MY's. Now MY 1105 is swapped for graffiti-livered MY 1126. In time the loco will be repainted into wine-red with winged wheels. MY 1105 has been sold to Sweden, the new operator of the loco is not yet known (7. June 2002, sources DJK and Johns Jernbaneside).

    Museumsbanen Maribo-Bandholm 40 years: The first preserved railway line of Denmark, the MBJ, celebrates its 40 years on 9. June 2002. The Maribo-Bandholm Jernbane was the first public private railway of Denmark when opened in 1869. From 1952 it was taken over by Lollandsbanen and has seen freight workings well up to the 1990's. Dansk Jernbane Klub started operating steam trains from 1962 and now has taken over the roundhouse of Maribo for the vintage motive power.

    Yours truly grew up in Maribo and has also been working as volunteer with the Museumsbanen as a young man. 15 years ago I shot the photos to the right when the line celebrated its first 25 years.

    Timetables can be found on (22. May 2002)

    Arriva chooses Alstom Lint: Arriva Denmark is to lease 30 Alstom Lint DMU's from 2004 for the Århus-Silkeborg-Herning,Århus-Viborg-Struer, Struer-Thisted, Struer-Esbjerg, Herning-Skjern and Esbjerg-Tønder lines. The trainsets will be leased from british Angel Trains International. Until delivered Arriva will lease MR/MRD DMU's from DSB (21. May 2002, source Århus Stiftstidende) (Thanks to the readers, who pointed out that the LINT's are build by Alstom, not Bombardier!).

    Railion Mærsk-freight: The Mærsk freight train, previously hauled by TraXion MY's in multiple and lately a class MZ on lease from Banestyrelsen, was taken over by Railion as early as 15. May 2002, when MZ 1418 hauled the first train from Tinglev to Århus (21. May 2002).

    Lollandsbanen freight extras: Lollandsbanen is currently hauling containers from Nakskov and Nykøbing F., bound for shipping from Hamburg. On 16. May 2002 a train of 1450 tonnes was taken to Næstved, hauled by LJ M 38 + M 36 in multiple (21. May 2002, sources Lollandsbanen and others).

    ØSJS Mx 41 returned from VLTJ: ØSJS Mx 41 was returned from VLTJ to Østbanen on 6.-7. May 2002, and was not going to OHJ as previously assumed (21. May 2002).

    NS SGM III for rebuilding in Randers: The first of 60 EMU-trainsets type SGM III / Plan Y "Sprinter", NS 2836, was transferred to Bombardier (former ADtranz) in Randers from Netherlands on 28. April 2002. The 2836 with 'koppelwagens' (special freightcars for connection between a train with autmatic couplers and a train with normal couplers) was brought from Watergraafsmeer (near Amsterdam) to Bad Bentheim on in train 48140 and then by DB Cargo to the Danish border. From Padborg to Randers it was hauled by Vestbanen MY 1158 in train GF 6101. This EMU will serve as prototype before the other 59 will be rebuild 2003-2005. They will get a new traction control system with choppers, an additional door in the middle coach and a new interior. The units numbered NS 2836-2895 were build by Talbot (Germany) 1979-1984. More on the SGM III (3. May 2002).
    The SGM III units to be rebuild in Randers will get a new livery of light grey, yellow and blue (more "light-rail"-alike according to the NS). Manipulated photo can be found on > Nieuws & krant > November 2001 (21. May 2002, thanks to Ferry Lissenberg).

    More crossborder Flensburg-Tinglev trains: From the 15. December 2002 timetable change, the local traffic company of Schleswig-Holstein LVS (Schleswig-Holstein Landesweite Verkehrsservicegesellschaft mbH) and Deutsche Bahn want's to make connections from Flensburg to the danish IC-trains in Tinglev every 2 hours. It is planned to use DSB DMU's on the line (3. May 2002, source Flensborg Avis).

    ØSJS MX on lease to OHJ: ØSJS Mx 43 was transferred to Odsherredsbanen (OHJ) on 29. April 2002 in train PM 6013 and has ran all hauled trains on OHJ/HTJ since, as the three OHJ MX's 101, 103, 104 are all grounded. Reason is fear of engine failure, as there has been used some bad oil - the same which put SB M 11 out of use several
    months ago, when the engine simply "blew up"!

    ØSJS Mx 43 is painted and lettered as DSB Mx 1006 in the old dark-red livery with whinged wheel, since it was used on museum trains several years ago. Timings of the morning and afternoon school trains are on the OHJ-page (the loco is hauling both ways, as it is not compatible with the driving trailer), while the tuesday and thursdays Holbæk-Høng freight trains timetable can be found on Johns Jernbaneside (select Køreplaner, then Høng-godstoget).

    ØSJS Mx 41 which is currently on lease with VLTJ is belived to join MX 43 on OHJ sometime during May, the lease is expected to last at least one month (2. May 2002).

    MZ 1406 reinstated for one day: Due to lack of MZ locomotives DSB MZ 1406 was used on a freight train to Køge on 25. April 2002. The loco had been in store since it was returned from Railion to DSB on 28. January 2002.

    DSB MK's sold to VSFT: The 3 DSB MK's, no.'s 601-603 (build 1996), which was returned from Railion Denmark A/S to DSB in January 2002, has been sold to VSFT (Vossloh Schienenfahrzeugtechnik GmbH, Kiel) (former MaK), and will be transferred to the Moers workshop for refurbishment before sale or lease. euroTrac Verkehrstechnik GmbH is the railway operating & maintenance company of Vossloh, while VST (Vossloh System-Technik) is developing IT-systems, passenger information systems and more (24. April 2002, updated 22. May 2002).

    The three MK's 603+601+602 was transferred from Copenhagen to Rødekro on 27. May 2002 by DSB ME 1504 as train M 6009. The following day they were moved to Padborg in G 6115 (7. June 2002). Info on their future in Germany will be highly appreciated.

    MZ III's for services in Germany: Ten DSB class MZ III locos will be refurbished by the DSB Copenhagen Workshop for Romic, which will then lease the locos to German operators. The MZ III's was taken out of service in 1998-1999 as the first of the class MZ locos, due to some weaknesses in the design (24. April 2002).

    Vestbanen to be sold to Arriva: Vestbanen (VNJ) is to be sold, apparently to Arriva. Both Arriva of UK and Connex of France has bid on the private railway line, which is to be operated by a new company from 5. January 2003. Ribe Amt is the local government administrating the line. A decision will be made on 29. April 2002 (24. April, source JydskeVestkysten).

    Arriva to lease DSB MR: Arriva will take over train operations in Jylland from 5. January 2003. However, new trains of either Siemens Desiro or Bombardier Lint types, will only be delivered from 2004, thus the first year DSB MR/MRD DMU's will be leased for the workings on the Århus-Struer-Thisted and Århus-Esbjerg and Esbjerg-Tønder lines.
    It is belived that Arriva will also work the Tønder-Niebüll passenger trains from 2003 (24. April 2002, source Arriva).

    Coming danish specials:
    Randers 11. - 12. May 2002: This year there is an extra DSB Museum Randers Roundhouse open days, with 11 steam locos and 19 motor locos and multiple units on display, including DSB MX 1001, MY 1101, MY 1159 and MZ 1401. Trains will run to/from Århus, Hobro, Langå and Viborg. Details, including preliminary timetables can be found on
    A special photo freight train to be hauled by MX 1001 from Randers to Struer and return on 10. May, arranged by Klub 40 has been cancelled.

    Græsted 18. - 20. May 2002: Nordsjællands Veterantog has arranged a tour to celebrate the 50 years aniversary of the private railways 9 Marcipan-bar diesel locos, build by Frichs in 1952. On 18. May 2002 a special train hauled by no less than 5 of these locos will run Græsted - Hillerød- Tisvildeleje - Kagerup - Græsted, departure at 12.25, open for rail enthusiasts. The two next days the locos will be on display in Græsted. More info on

    Odense 24. - 25. August 2002: Specials worked by MA 460 Odense-Nyborg in connection with a special weekend at Odense railway museum, there will also be steam and diesel shuttles from Odense to Fruens Bøge and return alongside vintage busses. Timetables and other specials around Denmark this year may be found on
    (15. April 2002).

    Lollandsbanen M 38 presented: LJ M 38, former DSB MY 1153, was presented in its new livery for the press and (coming?) costumers in Nykøbing F. on 10. April 2002 along with LJ M 36 (former DSB MX 1043) and a number of Railion Denmark freight wagons (Rns-u, Tdgs 285, Hbbillns 813 and Sdggmrs 019).

    Timings for the Lollandsbanen Nykøbing F. to Næstved freight from 16. April 2002 will be:

    GF 6618 Nf-Næ



    Thuedays + thursdays




    Nykøbing F.















    GF 6619 Næ-Nf



    Thuedays + thursdays


















    Nykøbing F



    Departure from Nakskov will be around 5.30 (13. April 2002, various sources. Photo by Allan Støvring-Nielsen).

    Class EG throughout Hallsberg-Padborg(-Maschen): According to a press release by Railion Denmark A/S class EG's will be used throughout on two Hallsberg (Sweden) - Padborg freight trains from 6. April 2002 on weekends. This saves time for shunting and loco-change i Malmö. From the timetable change 16. June 2002 class EG's will be used all the way to Maschen south of Hamburg (Germany), a total of 1000 km, crossing two border stations. By the end of 2003 all freights from Hallsberg, Göteborg and Malmö to Hamborg-Maschen is expected to be hauled throughout by electric dual-voltage locos (probably also DB-Cargo class 185's) (8. April 2002, source Railion. Photo by Mattias Eriksson added 2. May 2002).

    Banestyrelsen class MZ's: Banestyrelsen has taken over MZ 1419 from DSB, and another five class MZ's (1403, 1404, 1405, 1408, 1411) are believed to go to BS during April. The locos will be used for track-rebuilding trains, but will also be up for lease for operators in need of motive power.
    MZ 1419 is already doing its first workings, on 2. April 2002 it was transferred from the Copenhagen Workshop to Tinglev in train PM 6147 and was used by TraXion for the Tinglev-Århus container train GF 8647 on 3. April 2002, while the TraXion MY's are on use for track rebuilding trains around Langå (3. April 2002).

    On 9.-11. April 2002 Banestyrelsen MZ 1405 was used by TraXion for the Tinglev-Århus trains, next week it should be back to the MY's again (12. April 2002)
    Photo of MZ 1419 as train PM 6147 added 15. April 2002.
    MZ 1405 seems to be working the container trains this week as well (16. April 2002).
    MZ 1404 is working from 30. April 2002, as MZ 1405 suffered a breakdown on 26. April (2. May 2002).

    TraXion Mærsk-freight to be taken over by Railion in June: The Mærsk container trains between Tinglev and Århus will be taken over by Railion from 6. June 2002. The trains are well known for being hauled by two class MY's in multiple.
    The transport of new-build containers from the company MCI in Tinglev for shipment i Århus was taken over by Privatbanen Sønderjylland (PBS) from DSB Gods on 1. june 1999 (see news 1998-99). When PBS went bankrupt in 2001 TraXion continued running the trains. The reason for the change of operator is not known at this point (3. April 2002).

    Museumstog MZ and TraXion MY on track rebuilding trains: MZ 1401 owned by DSB Museumstog will be used for ballast trains for track rebuilding around Langå. The loco is scheduled for a Fredericia-Holbæk ballast train on 4. April 2002 with a Holbæk-Langå working on 5. April. Also TraXion will work trains for Langå, with tracks from Fredericia to Langå from 1. April to 11. April 2002.

    Banestyrelsen, the authority responsible for track and infrastructure in Denmark owns several large trolleys with an effect around 500 kW's but do not own any large locos - yet. MZ 1401 and also some of the private railways Henschel-locos has been on lease earlier. Banestyrelsen are known to be interested in some of the withdrawn DSB class MZ's, but it is not yet certain if any locos has been taken over by BS (2. April 2002).

    VLTJ Nohabs: The former DSB MY 1152, which was taken over by VLTJ in October-November 2001, has been renumbered VLTJ MY 28 and named Viktoria. On 27. March 2002 it had one of its first runs for VLTJ, when it worked PG 7828 to Skive and return on PG 7736. The loco on lease from Østbanen since 1999, ØSJS Mx 41 Kong Hother, will be returned from 1. May, from when VLTJ MX 26 and MY 28 will handle all freight trains (29. March 2002, various sources).
    In fact, MY 28 had its first working on 4. March to Skive and has also worked a train for Århus with exhibition-coaches on 5. March 2002. LJ M 36 was returned to Lollandsbanen on 4-5. December 2001 (2. April 2002).

    Austria: Österreichische Bundesbahn (ÖBB) & private railways

    Class 2016 shunting accidents: Brand-new diesel loco ÖBB 2016 003 suffered a shunting accident on 15. May 2002, when it ran into some freight wagons with appr. 30 km/h. The buffers where damaged and so where parts of the electrical installations (wires and more), but luckily it seems that neither the engine nor other mechanical parts has suffered any damage as feared at first. The loco will be repaired in Wiener Neustadt Workshop if possible, otherwise it will be sent to Siemens in München.
    However, on 16. May 2002, 2016 007 was in collision with a lorry near Gleisdorf while heading a Graz-Szentgotthard line passenger train. The loco suffered considerable damage and will probably have to go back to München for repairs (22. May 2002, sources Lok-Report, ERG and

    Belgium: La Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Belges (SNCB) & private operators

    Dillen & Le Jeune Cargo first Belgian private operator: The first freight train in Belgium operated by a private operator ran on 3. April 2002, when Dillen & Le Jeune (DLC) ran a container freight from Duisburg via Aachen to Antwerpen. 4-5 container-trains with car-parts from the BMW-works in Wackersdorf and Regensburg will be run every week. DLC uses a class 66 hired from Porterbrook Leaseing, loco numbered PB03, in Belgium, while a locochange takes place in Aachen West, from where a VSFT G2000 loco hired from Locomotion Capital takes over (8. April 2002, source Lok-Report and

    Estonia: Eesti Raudtee (EVR)

    GE-locos to arrive end-May: The first batch of former Union Pacific GE-diesels bound for Estonia is to arrive end-May onboard "Annegret".
    The locos are numbered as follows:

    EVR number Former UP number GE model































    (21. May 2002, source WorldDieselLoco)

    The 10 locos arrived on 29. May 2002 in Tallin. Photos by Bengt Dahlberg from the unloading can be found on (7. June 2002).

    GE locos for Eesti Raudtee: The 77 General Electric locomotives going to the Estonia Railways EVR (see News 2002/I) will start to arrive from mid-May 2002 (15. April 2002, sourceWorld-Diesel-Loco).

    Germany: Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) & private railways

    Nohabs on night train ended again: The use of V170 1143 ended on 9. June 2002, since 10. June 2002 the Taurus-loco is allowed to run around the train in Berlin Ostbahnhof. V170 1143 left Berlin on 10. June 2002 (14. June 2002, source Gerd Böhmer and

    NVAG on Interregios, 212 to Grindsted and arrival of 203: NVAG plans to start Interregio services between Flensburg and Hamburg from 15. December 2002 when DB Reise & Touristik will cease the operation of IR-trains on this line. If the plans are going well the trains will even include dining coaches. Locos will be leased from one of the Lokpools.

    On 4. June 2002, 212 270-3 on lease to NVAG did the freight trains GF 6198 (Tønder-Bramming(-Grindsted)) and return GF 6199. Normally, since the begining of NVAG operating in Denmark in March 2001 these trains has been worked by NVAG DL 2.

    The first of 3 ex. DR-V100's rebuild by the Stendal Workshop arrived in Niebüll on 6. June 2002. The loco is numbered NVAG 203.003 and is equipped with radio control and new MTU-engines of 1380 kW. The loco is the former DB 202 732 (LEW 14433/1974/V100). Photos can be found on > aktuell (7. June 2002, sources, and John Nissen).

    OSE V200.1 returning to Germany: The 20 V200.1/221's of the Deutsche Bundesbahn which was sold to the Greek State Railways OSE in 1989-1990 as OSE A 411-430 has been bought by the Prignitzer Eisenbahn GmbH (PEG). The locos has been in store in Athens for several years. At the end of May 2002 they were moved to Elefsina Harbour, from where they where loaded onto the vessel Marinus Green on 24. May 2002, for the nine day journey to Wismar. The locos where unloaded on 4.-5. June 2002 and four of the locos (OSE A 430, 413, 425, 424) where moved to Putlitz for refurbishment. More on the V200.1/221's.
    PEG is also currently refubishing two class E94/194's (!) for use on freight trains from Deuna/Thüringen to Berlin Greifswalder Str. E94 052 (AEG 1941/5331) on lease from Eisenbahnmuseum Dieringhausen is being overhauled at the DB Dessau Workshop, while 194 051-9 (AEG 1941/5330) is stored in Singen/Htw awaiting its turn, having been plinted since 1987 (7. June 2002, sources Lok-Report, and

    NVAG G1206 on lease: Since the beginning of May 2002, Nordfriesische Verkehrsbetriebe AG (NVAG) has a new diesel loco on lease from LSG (Locomotion Service GmbH), VSFT 1001127/2001/G1206. The loco has been in use with duisport rail GmbH before being transferred to Niebüll. It is used on the Niebüll - Hemmingstedt - Niebüll freight train, while the Maschen Rbf - Niebüll - Westerland - Niebüll - Maschen Rbf still is worked by two of the three DB-Cargo 212's in multiple. The re-engined LEW V100's is to be delivered end May (22. May 2002, source and others).

    V170 on passenger workings: Since 24. April 2002 the EN 110 Berlin-Malmö Berlin Night Express night train runs from Berlin-Lichtenberg via Berlin-Ostbahnhof to Mukran from where it is going on ferry to Trelleborg and on to Malmö. Until then the train ran on the route Berlin-Lichtenberg - Schönefeld - Hohenschönhausen - Mukran. The train is currently hauled by LSG (Locomotion Service GmbH) V170 1131 from Lichtenberg to Ostbahnhof, as it is not possible to run arount the train in Ostbahnhof. From there it is hauled on by an electric loco, usually WAB 109-1. The train is run in common between SJ and Georgs Verkehrsbetrieben (28. April 2002, source Lok-Report).

    V170 1131 suffered a brake-down when preparing for EN 110 in the evening of 10. May 2002. The following week the Nohab was replaced by electric locomotives from DB class 143. On 11 May 2002 WAB 109-1 was swapped for Rail4Chem Siemens Dispolok ES 64 U2-005 on the Ostbahnhof to Mukran line.
    Since 17. May 2002 V170 1143 is used on the EN 110 from Berlin Lichtenberg to Ostbahnhof (22. May 2002, sources Lok-Report and Wouter's train page. Photos by Gerd Böhmer added 23. May 2002).

    NVAG V100's and new workshop:

    NVAG V100's and new workshop: Nordfriesische Verkehrsbetriebe AG (NVAG) currently has 3 DBAG class 212 diesel locos on lease (212 097, 212 261, 212 270) for the freight trains in Northern Germany, which was taken over from DB Cargo in January 2002 (following the Mora-C concept). From May, 3 re-engined former Deutsche Reichsbahn V100 locos will be delivered to NVAG and the 212's will be returned. The "original" loco, NVAG DL 2, is also still in use and is the only loco to be used for the cross-border Grindsted workings in Denmark. For the freight trains a number of freight wagons has been leased from AAE. Quite unusual, the timetables of the freight train workings are published on the nvag website!
    A new NVAG-workshop will be build south of Niebüll, to be operated in cooporation with euroTrac and other interested operators. The workshop will also house the busses operated by NVAG and Autokraft. This will mean the end of the current NVAG-depot next to the station in Niebüll (24. April 2002, sources and nvag. Photos by John Nissen).

    MetroRail: The company formed by OHE, BSAG, EVB and HHA to operate Hamburg-Bremen and Hamburg-Uelzen regional services (see news 2002/I) will be named MetroRail. 10 locos class 146 will be used on double stock trains between the cities, while the workshop will be build in Uelzen (24. April 2002, source

    LIREX for Sachsen-Anhalt: The Leichte Innovative RegionalEXpress class 618/619, build by Alstom LHB, was presented in Sachsen-Anhalt on 14. April 2002 on a Dessau-Halle-Stolberg (Harz) test run. The DMU looked quite unconventional, when first presented on the InnoTrans fair 2000, since then it has been further evolved. From December 2002 the DMU's will start working on the Magdeburg-Stendal-Uelzen line as a high-standard regional service (16. April 2002, source Lok-Report).

    Heavy Haul Power International GmbH (HHPI) takes over Coal-freights: Based in Erfurt, the company HHPI took over coal-freights from Hamburg Hansaport to the Petershagen Powerplant in Lahde near Minden. The trains formed of 3.800 tonnes, 580 metres coal hoppers has previously been hauled by DB-Cargo, but was taken over since 2. April 2002, with the train worked by 59 003 (former DB Foster Yeoman GM-loco) and a class 66 (29 002). The second loco was only along the train for safety reasons implied by DB Netz, as only 59 003 worked the train formed of 47 wagons plus the spare loco! Timetable can be found on the website of Eisenbahn-Kurier / Eisenbahn-Kurier 2 .
    The wagons is on hire from Belgian B-Cargo and was transfered to Hamburg by 29 002 from Aachen West on 28. March. The loco itself was delivered on the same day!, hauled to Germany by another class 66 from dutch private operator ShortLines (8. April 2002, source, Eisenbahn-Kurier).

    Deutsche Bahn InterRegios to end or convert to InterCities: DB is planning to sack the InterRegio's on the 9 lines as soon as possible. Other IR's will be converted to IC or ICE standard. It has long been rumoured that the IR's are the least profitable type of trains by DB, although at the same time the most loved by the passengers!

    The following lines will probably loose IR services:
    IR-Linie 12 (Bad Harzburg) - Hannover - Fredericia
    IR-Linie 15 Saarbrücken -Bremerhaven - (Cuxhaven)
    IR-Linie 21 (Frankfurt) - Würzburg - München
    IR-Linie 22 (Köln) - Düsseldorf - Frankfurt
    IR-Linie 23 (Norddeich) - Emden - Karlsruhe
    IR-Linie 25 Oberstdorf - Hof - (Berlin)
    IR-Linie 27a Dresden - Wroclaw
    IR-Linie 34 Rostock - Chemnitz (Berlin)
    IR-Linie 36 Stralsund - Frankfurt

    Following lines will be converted to IC or ICE:
    IR-Linie 11 Hamburg - Stralsund
    IR-Linie 14 Bremen - Leipzig (to Bremen and from Leipzig withdrawn)
    IR-Linie 16 Schipol - Berlin
    IR-Linie 19 Kassel - Karlsruhe (Hamburg - Kassel and Karlsruhe - Konstanz withdrawn)
    IR-Linie 20 Dortmund - Kassel - Erfurt (Aachen - Dortmund and from Gera withdrawn)
    IR-Linie 26 Karlsruhe - Salzburg
    IR-Linie 27 Karlsruhe - Nürnberg - Passau
    IR-Linie 28 Kaiserslautern - Salzburg
    IR-Linie 29 Saarbrücken - Mannheim
    IR-Linie 39 Kiel - Dresden - Praha
    (2. April 2002, source Lok-Report).

    It seems that parts of the lines mentioned above are not even serviced by IR's! However, it is still a fact that DB want's to end as many of the InterRegio's as possible (8. April 2002, source Lok-Report)

    Murnau-Oberammergau to loose class 141's: The classic Murnau-Oberammergau line in Bayern are about to loose their locohauled trains, when new class 426 EMU's take over during April 2002. The line was once famous for its class E 69 locos hauling the trains, while class 141's has been the standard locos for the last 20 years. As the delivery of and education of drivers for the EMU's has been delayed 4 baureihe 141's are still used on a daily basis (2. April 2002, source

    101 010 back in use after 1½ year as spare parts donor: Only delivered in 1998, DB 101 010 was stored and partly stripped for spare parts for a year and a half in Bh Hamburg-Eidelstedt, to keep other members of the class running. The loco has now been rebuild (with new-delivered spare parts!) and was tested on 21. March 2002 and has probably entered traffic by now (2. April 2002, source

        Greece: Organismos Sidirodromon Ellados (OSE)

    OSE A-500 remotorings: The 8 OSE class 500 diesellocos build by Montreal Locomotive Works (MLW) A-501 - A-508 will be rebuild with new engines. After the succesful rebuiling of A-504 in USA in 2001, A-508 followed next. A-508 was rebuilt in Greece, as all remaining locos will do, under the supervision and cooperation of NREC. A-508 had its first test run on 9. March 2002. Drivers report about the rebuilt locos that they are performing well but their acceleration is slower than in the past. This is because of the electronic engine control settings, in order to reduce emissions and to prevent wheel slip (2. April 2002, source and photos at Gerasimos Maniatis).

        Hungary: Magyar Államvasutak (MÁV)

    GySEV 1047 presented: GySEV 1047 501-0 was presented and handed over from Siemens to GySEV on 30. April 2002 at a ceremony in Wulkaprodersdorf. GySEV has ordered a total of 5 Taurus locos, Siemens type ES 64 U2-V5, to be numbered 1047 501-505. The photos below are all taken by Ferenc Joó on 30. April 2002 (2. May 2002).

    MÁV Taurus workings: The MAV Taurus loco, alias 1047.001, has now a one-day diagram, as follows:

    Train 5019 Fuzesabony - Budapest
      -    940 Budapest - Sopron
    IC 937/917 Sopron - Budapest
    IC 244     Budapest - Hegyeshalom
    light      Hegyeshalom - Rajka
    Train  941 Rajka - Budapest
      -   5018 Budapest - Fizesabony

    The loco "stays overnight" in Fuzesabony, but that is a rather short stay, and the daily maintenance is done around noontime before it works IC 244 Avala to Hegyeshalom (often running late). Note that the Sopron turn does not work on Sundays.

    The first GYSEV Taurus-loco (1047.501) will be outshopped in about 3 weeks, the official handing over will be on 29. April 2002 in Budapest and repeated on 30 April in Sopron (15. April 2002, source Ferenc Joó. Photo by Ferenc Joó from 14. April 2002).

    First class 1047 delivered to MÁV: The first of the new MÁV class 1047 Taurus locos was transferred from Germany to Wien on IC 649, worked by MAV 1047.001 + DB 101 036(!) on 26. March 2002. From Wien the loco worked alone to Hegyeshalom, to be taken over by MÁV. On 30 March 2002 the loco worked the 09:28 Komarom to Budapest-Keleti regional service. The official presentation to the railway industry and press in Hungary will take place on 3. April 2002. Photos of the 30. March 2002 working can be found here (2. April 2002, source Ferenc Joó).

    Photos by Attila Kirchner, Péter Rozgonyi and Báti András added 4. April 2002.

    More photos in the MÁV 1047-gallery and on the website of Báti András.

        Luxemburg: Société Nationale de Chemin de fer Luxembourgeois (CFL)

    CFL 1604 working to Paris: A very rare special train will run on 31. March 2002, when CFL steam loco 5519 will work an Orient-Express trip 09:39 Paris Est - 13:40 La Chapelle la Reine, while CFL 1604 will haul the returning 14:40 La Chapelle la Reine - Paris Est 19:10 train. The train is organised by COPEF (Cercle Parisien d'Etudes Ferroviaires - 19, rue d'Amsterdam 75008 Paris tel 01 45 81 11 05 and it should be possible to by tickets on board (65 € (1ere classe), 50 € (2eme classe), children 40 €). More info on the trip on (29. March 2002).

        Netherlands: Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) & other operators

    New shunting locos for NS Reizigers and Nedtrain: 12 shunting locomotives type G400B from Vossloh has been orderen by Dutch NS Reizigers (passenger services) and Nedtrain (infrastructure) for shunting in depots and stations. The locos will replace the more than 50 year old class 600 shunters. G400B is the type of which 25 has been delivered for DSB (now mostly with Railion Denmark A/S) as class MK and one is used with DBAG as 352 001 (24. April 2002, source Lok-Report).

        Norway: Norske Statsbaner (NSB) & other operators

    Class 66 for CargoNet: The new freight operating company CargoNet, formed of NSB Gods on 1. January 2002, is going to lease 5 class 66 locos, following highly successful tests with TGOJ T66 713 during 2001 (see news 2001/II). The locos will be used for freight trains on the Nordlandsbanen (13. February 2002, source

    6 new GM's are on order for Norway, serial numbers will be 20018352-1 - 6 to be build autumn 2002. Numbers will be Di9 1 - Di9 6 (29. March 2002, source LocoNotes).

        Romania: Cãile Ferate Române (CFR)

    Delivery of Desiro for CFR from November: The delivery of the 120 Desiro-DMU's for CFR will take place from November 2002. During the delivery, 63 of the trainsets will be manufactured by Romanian industry. The trainsets will be used on mainlines around Bucharest and from Bucharest to Arad, Oradea and Cluj (16. April 2002, source Siemens).

        Sweden : Statens Jarnvägar (SJ) & other operators

    IKEA-Rail start postponed again: The premiere of the IKEA-Rail freight trains is now scheduled for 27. May 2002. The 3 companies RAG, TGOJ and TraXion founded RTT earlier this year, however problems with suitable locos for the through Älmhult, Sweden to Duisburg, Germany freight trains has delayed the start. Originally it has been planned to a use TGOJ class 66 loco in multiple with a TraXion class MY on the trains in Sweden and Denmark, but the class 66-loco hasn't been allowed for workings on the danish ATC-lines from Peberholm to Padborg. RAG took delivery of a class 185-dual-voltage loco on 9. April 2002, loco numbered RAG 185-CL 008 / 221, for use on the IKEA-trains. Whether this loco will work the train in Denmark is not yet known (16. April 2002, sources TGOJ, IKEA,

        Freight wagons

    EVA sold to VTG: Eisenbahn-Verkehrsmittel Aktiengesellschaft (EVA), Düsseldorf, a company which hires out tank cars throughout Europe, has been taken over by VTG-Lehnkering, Hamburg from the end of April 2002. VTG then has a total fleet of around 40.000 freight wagons.
    EVA was founded in 1897 and celebrated its 100 years in 1997. A quite interesting site with some company history can be found on (3. May 2002, source Eurailpress and VTG-Lehnkering).

    EUROP pool to end in 2003: The EUROP pool was started in 1953, in order to make freight wagon flow between the Western European countries more efficient, by minimizing empty wagon traffic. Several standard type wagons was designed and ordered in large numbers by DB, ÖBB, CFL, FS, NS, SBB-CFF, DSB, SNCF and SNCB. All the wagons could be used as if they where the companies own wagons and did not have to be returned to the originating country but could be used for new transports emidiately.
    By the end of 2002 this pool will end. It will probably mean even larger numbers of private wagon leasing companies (e.g. like Transwaggon, GE Rail Service, Nordwaggon and others) will make wagons available for costumers. More details on the current EUROP pool can be found on Dansk Jernbanearkiv (24. April 2002).

    New ÖBB sliding door wagons: ÖBB is having several new types of sliding door wagons delivered. 240 new bogie wagons of the well-known types Habbins and Habbillns has been delivered by Siemens TS, Maribor, numbered ÖBB Habbillns 31 81 289 0 080 - 149 and Habbins 31 81 287 0 200 - 369.
    45 short-coupled double wagons has been hired from GE Rail Services, build by Niesky 1999-2001, numbered ÖBB Hirrs 21 81 292 2 101 - 123 and Hillrrs 21 81 293 3 000 - 023, the latter being equipped with interior sliding walls (24. April 2002, source Güterwagen).

    Railion Benelux Shimmns-ttu: 150 steel coil wagons, numbered 31 84 467 4 000 - 149 (24. April 2002, source Güterwagen).

    B-Cargo Shmmns 3614E1: 500 open wagons for hot steel-coil transports (up to max. 350oC), build by Zastal Wagony S.A. Zielona Góra in Poland. Length over buffers: 12.500 mm, max. speed: 120 km/h, weight: 20,0 t, max. loading weight: 80 t., number range 31 88 478 9 000-499 (12. April 2002, source Zastal Wagony and Güterwagen).

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