Jernbanenyheder I. kvartal 2003

        Today's headlines: European Railway News
    • Denmark: TRX MY's to TGOJ - Testing of Alstom CORADIA LINT 41 for Arriva - Kustpilen traffic ends - DSB takes over Århus-Struer from Arriva - NordOstseeBahn GmbH runs Niebüll-Tønder
    • Germany: Former DSB MK to MWB - RAG G2000 to Padborg
    • Model railways: Roco DSB MY 1116 - Roco International Collection - Also DSB B-coaches from Heljan

    • News updated 28. April 2003

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        Denmark: Danske Statsbaner (DSB) & private railways

    TRX MY's to TGOJ: The 3 TraXion MY's, MY 1150, MY 1156 and MY 1157, has been sold for future use by TGOJ in Sweden. Two of the locos was picked up in Padborg by TGOJ T66 714K on 26. April 2003, when the T66 ran empty from Sweden to Padborg in train PM 38857 and returned with TRX MY 1150+TRX MY 1157 in PM 38806. MY 1156 needs repair of one of the bogies before it can se transferred to its new owner (28. April 2003).

    Testing of Alstom CORADIA LINT 41 for Arriva:
    Arriva will take the first of their 29 new Lint 41 DMU's in use from the end of 2003 and all trainsets will have entered traffic in 2004. The trains are leased from UK-based Angel Trains. In order to test the type in Denmark the new-build trainset VT 104 ABp-Bp of LNVG Niedersachsen for DB Regio and Eisenbahn und Verkehrsbetrieben Elbe-Weser (EVB) was tested on the Varde to Struer/Thisted lines from 23.-25. April 2003. The trainset will return to Germany on 26. April. More on the Lint-DMU's on Die Homepage über den LINT by Christof Ziebarth (25. April 2003).

    Kustpilen traffic ends:
    The use of SJ Kustpilen Y2K-DMU's, basicly similar to the DSB IC-3 units, from Kristianstad / Karlskrona - Malmö to Copenhagen ends with the swedish timetable change from 15. June 2003. Instead the passengers are adviced to use the Øresundstog. On the Karlskrona-Malmö line there will only be two daily connections from 18. August, while the number of trains on the Karlskrona to Kristianstad (Blekinge Kustbana) line will remain the same. From June 2005 to July 2007 this line will be closed for electrification and rebuilding work, while busses will replace all trains.

    Kustpilen originally had connections from Hässleholm to Copenhagen with ferry transfer from Helsingborg to Helsingør until June 1999. Direct connections was made again with the opening of the Øresund fixed link in 2000 (25. April 2003, source DSB).

    DSB takes over Århus-Struer from Arriva:
    Following severe problems for Arriva during January and February with huge delays and many cancelled trains and bustitution due to insufficient loco drivers, the danish Traffic Minister Flemming Hansen decided to let DSB run the Århus-Langå-Struer line from 13. April to the timetable change in December 2003. For this purpose 13 class MR/MRD's has been minor refurbished with new seats and "spot-painting". Arriva now hopes to be able to fullfill the contract signed with the traffic ministry (14. April 2003).

    NordOstseeBahn GmbH runs Niebüll-Tønder: NordOstseeBahn GmbH (NOB), a subsidiary of Connex, started all-year operation of the Niebüll to Tønder line from 6. april 2003, using WEG VT 411 (type NE'81, Waggon-Union 1981/30902) (Württembergische Eisenbahn GmbH (WEG) is also mainly owned by the Connex group). The Niebüll to Tønder line was reopened on 2. July 2000, after the passenger traffic on the line had been shut down since 1979. 2000 to 2002 the line was operated summer only by DSB. When Arriva took over the traffic on the lines in Jylland from 2003 it was originally planed that these trains should also be operated by Arriva, however a public tender gave the job to NOB.
    The 18 km line takes 26 minutes, including stop in Süderlügum, fare from Niebüll to Tønder 3,10 €.
    Notice that the traffic from 28. April 2003 and about 3 weeks ahead will be bustitued, due to work on the bridge at the Danish-German border (9. April 2003, sources Lok-Report and more)..


        Germany: Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) & private railways

    Former DSB MK to MWB: Former DSB MK 601 (Siemens 220120/1996), which was returned to Vossloh in May 2002, has entered traffic with Mittelwesserbahn GmbH, a loco leasing company. The loco was overhauled, had minor modifications for working in Germany and has been repainted in blue and yellow livery at the VSFT Moers workshop. It is numbered MWB V601. The loco is currently on duty in Bochum-Langendreer (25. April 2003, source and others).

    RAG G2000 to Padborg: The MaK/Vossloh build RAG 902 (type G2000) has been seen in Padborg several times during the last weeks. The loco has been used for the DFG 46712 / 46713 Ikea freight trains. The reason for using diesel power instead of the previous used private class 145/185's is not known (17. April 2003).

    Also RAG 901 has been seen in Padborg, so it seems these diesels has taken over the traffic compeletely (25. April 2003).

        Model Railways

    Roco DSB MY 1116: The long awaited model of the classic DSB Nohab-GM MY diesel loco has finally been released. The first model is MY 1116 in the classic maroon livery with the winged wheel on the front. The original loco was the first to be rebuild with a groove exhaust (rilleudstødning in danish) when equipped with silencer in 1959. Also a few other locos of the first series of class MY locos (1101-1144) was rebuild this way, while all of second series of MY's (1145-1159) had these exhausts and silencers. MY 1116 was re-fitted with a cylindrical exhaust again when repainted in red/black livery in 1982.
    Photos of the new model (Roco #63470) in the original colors can be found on I will hopefully be able to add a more detailed description (and perhaps a comparison to the Heljan model of the MY) on Rail-O-Rama later. Roco is expected to announce a red/black design model of the MY in 2004. (17. April 2003)
    Photos added 26. April 2003. Thanks to Beto-Hobby, Odense, for disposal of a model for photography.

    Roco International Collection:
    A new round of Roco International Collection limited models has been announced. The models has to be pre-ordered. Among the new items suitable for danish layouts are 47601 DSB Rilns tarpaulin covered wagon leased from AAE 2000-2002 (see also the more detailed description), 47605 SNCB Rils tarpaulin covered wagon and 47153 NSB Habbins (leased from AAE since 1996). All items can be found on the Roco homepage (17. April 2003).

    Also DSB B-coaches from Heljan:
    Following's announcement of the DSB B-type coaches (see News 2003/I) also Heljan has announced their production of these typical and popular danish coaches. However I doubt, whether the market can take another round of two similar coach-types (the Bn-type has been produced by both Heljan and Togmodelle also). BTW, for the danish readers a very good article on the B-type can be found on the DJK GM-Gruppen homepage (>Historie, > De røde kupévogne) (9. April 2003).



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