Jernbanenyheder II. kvartal 2001

        Headlines: European Railway News
    • Denmark: RaiLioN Denmark A/S officially started operations - MY 1154 to Vestbanen - Locomotives to RaiLion Denmark A/S - The end of DSB class MY - Two Alexandria trams returning to Denmark - RAG & TraXion working together - DSB summer timetable changes - OHJ MX-hauled passenger trains to end - HFHJ freight working through to Høje Taastrup - NVAG working Tønder-Grindsted - New double-deck wagons for DSB - Vanløse-Ryparken suburban trains ends - New operator TraXion - Use of SBB-double stock to end - Privatbanen Sønderjylland to end operation - DSB MQ in use - Yet another MZ IV fire - Høng-Tølløse Jernbane freight to end - New Desiro-DMU to HHGB
    • Belgium: Head-on crash kills 8 - 75 years celebrations of SNCB
    • Germany: EuroTrack V170 1147 engine failure - HGK 9902 - 7 day diagram for class 103 - All NEG V170's sold on - V170's work for Dortmunder Eisenbahn - Elbe-Ferry to end operation
    • Netherlands: Class 1600 freight locos sold to NS Reizigers -Last Plan X DMU withdrawn from Syntus - End near for the class 2200 diesels - Shortlines Köln-Maasvlakte freight train with class 66 - ACTS also in need of more locos
    • Norway: NSB Di3 status - TGOJ "class 66" T66 713 on lease to NSB Gods - Di3 to Sicily - Class Di.4 to be overhauled in Copenhagen
    • Sweden: German class 420 EMU's to Storstockholms Lokaltrafik - BK-Tåg TMY repainted & other NoHAB news - LKAB Iore in use
    • Model railways:
    •  Heljan announces DSB class PR steam loco for 2002 - O-scale MY?


        Denmark: Danske Statsbaner (DSB) & private railways

    RaiLioN Denmark A/S officially started operations: On 27. June 2001 the agreement on RaiLioN Denmark A/S entry into RaiLion GmbH was officially signed. RaiLion Denmark A/S is a subsidiary company to Railion GmbH, owned by Deutsche Bahn, NS Groep NV and DSB. Former DSB freight operating part DSB Gods has ceased all operations and is totally merged into RaiLioN.

    RaiLion Denmark A/S is already present on the Internet, where some retouched photos of class EG-locos are showing the possible new livery in red and blue. A list of locomotives and freight wagons is also available. Its head quarters is the office building at the Copenhagen Freight yard on Bernstorffsgade 50 (29. June 2001, sources and DSB).

    MY 1154 to Vestbanen: DSB MY 1154 has been sold to Vestbanen (VNJ), which wants to replace the Henschel diesel loco DL 14 with the ATC-equipped MY-loco. It will be ready within the next 3 weeks. DL 14 is to be sold to a German company. On the photo is MY 1154 many years ago when still in use in passenger traffic. (26. June 2001).

    Locomotives to RaiLion Denmark A/S: RaiLion Denmark A/S, the new freight operator which took over the business from DSB Gods A/S on 17. June 2001 will have the following locomotives:
    Class EA: 3011-3019, 3021 (12 locos)
    Class EG: 3101-3113 (all 13)
    Class MZ I/II: 1412, 1414, 1416, 1417, 1418, 1420, 1422 (7 locos)
    Class MZ IV: 1448-1454, 1456-1461 (all 13, except for the two burned)
    Class MK: 601-624 (?, 24 locos)
    Class köf: (?, 25 shunters)

    On lease from DSB:
    Class MZ I/II: 1403, 1404, 1405, 1406, 1408, 1411, 1419, 1425

    Rumours will that the locos will either be repainted or at least have large streamers advertising for RaiLion. Until now they are all still in their DSB look (20. June 2001, source Zløve and own observations)

    The end of DSB class MY: The last regular workings by DSB class MY's ended on friday 15. June 2001, following 47 years of use. The Århus-Herning freight train via Silkeborg G 8719 was hauled by museum loco MY 1101, while the Århus-Vejle-Herning freight G 6187 was hauled by MY 1159. The last train was due to heavy freight wagons, which was not allowed on the Silkeborg-line.

    After shunting in Herning G 8752 was hauled byMY 1101 + MY 1159 working in multiple, departing from Herning at 14.00. An Era is over!

    The remaining locos in use, MY 1154 and MY 1159, was transferred to the Copenhagen depot on sunday 17. June 2001.

    MY 1159 is to be preserved by DSB Museumstog and will probably be the main loco working special trains in the coming years as it is equipped with ATC security system. MY 1135 (renumbered as 80 86 00 - 21 135-7) is still used for test trains in Vojens, while TraXion continues to use MY's in their container trains (see below).

    A video clip of the last day with these mighty old giants can be found at June 2001. Photo by Holger Cordtz added 20. June 2001).

    Two Alexandria trams returning to Denmark: Two former trams of the Københavns Sporveje which was sold to Alexandria (Egypt) in 1969-1970 is returning to Denmark. The wagons KS nr. 815 and 890 has been bought by Sporvejshistorisk Selskab and will propably arrive in Copenhagen on 26. June 2001 (19. June 2001, source Sporvejsmuseet).

    RAG & TraXion working together: German operator RAG and TraXion has started working a Tinglev-Hamburg contrainer train in the end of May 2001. TraXion has worked trains of new containers to Padborg from where RAG loco 825 has hauled the wagons to Hamburg (19. June 2001).

    DSB summer timetable changes: Almost all loco-hauled passenger trains west of Storebælt will end from the timetable change 15. June 2001. The only remaining trains will be the EN 482/EN 483 Padborg-København night train, 3 InterRegio trains København-Århus on fridays, returning sundays (hauled/pushed by ME's in multiple, previously 4 trains of which 2 continued to Aalborg) and 3 international trains Fredericia-Flensburg(-Kassel/Hannover), formed by EA and german coaches. 2 other international trains will do the Århus-Flensburg line, but this will be IC/3.

    The use of class MZ in passenger trains will end totally, when the 13 remaining MZ IV's will go over to RaiLion Denmark A/S, the new freight operator. As two MZ IV's burned during the winter two MZ I/II's in store will be reinstated, namely MZ 1406 and MZ 1425. It was planned to use MZ 1413, but its condition was worse then expected, thus MZ 1406 had a minor overhaul instead.

    The use of coaches on the Kastrup-København-Helsingør Kystbanen will end, as class ER and ET EMU's are taking over all services. Currently some class EA are still working this line as well as ME's on the Helsingør-København-Roskilde stretch.

    Finally the end of the MY's is near after 47 years, as the remaining two DSB MY's, MY 1154 and MY 1159, sharing the Århus-Herning freight, will stop when the Skanderborg-Herning line will close for upgrading for 5 weeks. A freight special with MY 1101 is planned on 29. June 2001.
    (29. May 2001, various sources).

    OHJ MX-hauled passenger trains to end: Odsherreds Jernbane still runs two trains with MX-Nohab diesels and coaches. However, the coaches are in need of overhauling, so the trains will probably be taken over by DMU's within the next few weeks. Timings are as follows:

    P 308 (MX pushing)
    Nykøbing S   -    6.53 
    Holbæk      7.59   -
    P 21 (MX hauling) 
    Holbæk       -   15.45 
    Nykøbing S 16.47   -

    (10. May 2001, various sources)
    It seems the OHJ MX with coaches will continue working until around the 20. June 2001 (29. May 2001).

    HFHJ freight working through to Høje Taastrup: Following the rebuilding workings on the Hellerup-Vanløse S-bane, the Hillerød-Frederiksværk-Hundested Jernbane freight train works through to Høje Taastrup since 23. April 2001, via the Hillerød-Hellerup-Østerport-København H.-Valby-Høje Taastrup S-bane lines. It is impossible to run across from København H. to the freight yard, thus the trains runs all the way to Høje Taastrup, where it exchanges the wagons with a DSB freight, which then works back to the Freight Yard!
    Timings are as follows 23. April - 15. June 2001, all working mon-fridays:

    GF 91460 Hi-Htå (2HFHJ MX 1600)
    Hillerød              19:12
    Hellerup      19:46 - 19:48
    København H  (20:03)- 20:03
    Høje Taastrup 20:30
    GF 91564 Htå-Hi (2HFHJ MX 1600)
    Høje Taastrup         21:17
    København H  (21:39)- 21:41
    Hellerup      21:53 - 21:55
    Hillerød      22:29
    G 6763 Gb-Htå (MZ 1600)
    Copenhagen Gb         19:14
    Høje Taastrup 19:34
    G 6776 Htå-Gb (MZ 1600)
    Høje Taastrup         20:44
    Copenhagen Gb 21:05

    (10. May 2001, source Jan Munch Pedersen)

    NVAG working Tønder-Grindsted: German private railway NVAG has been working Tønder-Grindsted freight trains on several occations. The train is headed by NVAG DL2, a former DB class 211, heavily rebuild. The train runs with a second driver from VNJ. The photo by Holger Cordtz shows the train on 18. April 2001 with two tank wagons for Grindsted at Vejrup.

    The Grindsted freight trains used to be in the hands of Privatbanen Sønderjylland. More info on the NVAG can be found on Georg Ringlers (20. April 2001, source Holger Cordtz).

    New double-deck wagons for DSB: DSB is going to lease a total of 42 double deck wagons from Porterbrook Leasing Copmany Ltd of UK from July 2002. 9 driving cab and 33 2nd class coaches will be build by Bombardier Transportation in Görlitz, Germany, who has already build many similar coaches for DBAG. The coaches will be delivered from July to November 2002.

    The new wagons will primarily be used on the Copenhagen-Kalundborg "Nordvestbanen". 15 class ME locomotives will be rebuild to operate the driving coaches, probably using the ZWS-system already in use in class EA electrics and ADns-e coaches.

    (20. April 2001, sources DSB and Bombardier).

    Vanløse-Ryparken suburban trains ends: The traffic on the "S-bane" between Vanløse and Ryparken will end on 22. April 2001, due to rebuilding work in order to make way for the new "Ringbane" Hellerup-Grøndal on the former outer freight rail in Copenhagen. Until December 2001 the line will be bustituted. On 22. April the preserved S-tog from 1934 will run some special workings:

    Vanløse     10.53 11.53 13.33 14.33
    Klampenborg 10.26 11.26 13.06 14.06. 

    Last regular train will be from Vanløse at 00.53 on the night of the 22. April (20. April 2001, source DSB).

    New operator TraXion: A new operator named TraXion has taken over the Mærsk-container freight trains from Tinglev to Århus from the bankrupt PBS. Starting on 2. April 2001 they have been using the PBS class MY-locomotives, probably on lease from Tønder Bank who has most shares in the PBS. The first train on 2. April was hauled by PBS MY 1134+1124.

    TraXion is formed by Erik Panduro, who was leader of Privatbanen Sønderjylland from 1. October 2000 to 1. March 2001. The new company has locals in Padborg. In addition to the Mærsk freight trains TraXion seems to start operating a Århus-Padborg freight, which connects to the Norwegian owned "Cargoferry" line from Moss to Århus.

    TraXion has a website on where you'll find a phone number and email adress (6. April 2001, sources Jydske Vestkysten and others).

    Use of SBB-double stock to end: The 8 double-decker wagons leased from SBB will be used for the last time on 11. April 2001 and then returned to Switzerland as SBB now needs the IC-stock. No new wagons has been leased by DSB yet, allthough there has been rumours of both Austrian or German double-decker stock to replace the SBB-ones. DSB has no trains cappable of carrying up to 1000 passengers, so there will probably be lack of seats in the peak hours on the heavily used Odense-København line in the forthcomming months.

    The wagons will leave Fredericia on 12. April 2001 in train G 8786 hauled by a class EA at 14.22, arriving in Padborg at 16.10.
    The numbers of the SBB IC-stock in Denmark can be found in the old news (6. April 2001, various sources).

    Privatbanen Sønderjylland to end operation: The first privately owned railway in Denmark, PBS, is to close down operation due to financial problems. It seems the Tinglev-Århus container trains will continue for the rest of March 2001, but the future beyond that is uncertain (27. March 2001, source Jydske Vestkysten and more. PBS stock info here).

    PBS is now official bankrupt, as all operation ceased on 27. March 2001, when GF 7340 (Århus-Tinglev) hauled by PBS MY 1134+1148 returned to Tinglev with empty container wagons. 6 locomotives, including 5 class MY-Nohabs will be up for sale. The head of the board Ulf Smith owns one of the MY's together with the former manager Robin Roost and this loco will be leased out with newly-founded company Euro Rail Leasing.
    On 28. March 2001 German NVAG DL 2 picked up two tank wagons in Grindsted and will propably also run to Sønderborg on 29. March 2001. (28. March 2001, various sources including DR-Syd and Jydske Vestkysten).

    DSB MQ in use: The new Desiro-DMU's of DSB started working on the Odense-Svendborg line on thursday 22. March 2001. Already on friday 23. March two young men got caught making graffiti on one of the units, thus having to be dragged to Århus to be cleaned up again! (27. March 2001, various sources)

    Yet another MZ IV fire: Once more a DSB MZ IV caught fire, when the turbocharger and silencer of MZ 1448 burned in the morning of 16. March 2001 in Høje Taastrup. This was the third MZ IV to burn in only few months (see below). This weekend all of the class will be grounded for inspection in workshop. MZ 1447 has been put into store after the fire in Roskilde on 22. February 2001 and will most likely be withdrawn (16. March 2001, various sources).

    MZ 1447 has been stored and will most likely be withdrawn
    after heavy damage in a fire in Roskilde on 22. February 2001.

    It seems the use of MZ IV's in passenger trains will end from the summer timetable change in June 2001! (27. March 2001)

    Now its official: DSB MZ 1447 og 1455 was both withdrawn on 3. April 2001 (6. April 2001, source Per Topp Nielsen).

    Høng-Tølløse Jernbane freight to end:
    The private line from Tølløse to Slagelse currently operates a freight train from Holbæk to Høng tuesdays and thursdays, but this will end with the timetable change in May. The freight train carries grain in Tdgs-hoppers for the company Dansk Grovvare Selskab (DLG). Whether DSB will take over the freight service with trains from Ringsted via Slagelse to Høng or it will go to road traffic is not yet known. The photo to the left was taken by Allan Støvring-Nielsen on 22. August 2000 near Kulby. Timetable for the train is as follows:

    GX 9506 Hk-Øn (Tue and Thu) 
    Holbæk             5.28 
    Tølløse     5.42 - 5.43 (x 151) 
    Skellebjerg 6.05 - 6.08 (x 355)     
    Høng        6.21 
    GX 9527 Øn-Hk (Tue and Thu) 
    Høng               7.07 
    Ruds Vedby  7.16 - 7.17 (x 360) 
    Stenlille   7.30 - 7.34 (x362) 
    Tølløse     7.50 - 8.20 (x 4864) 
    Holbæk      8.33 

    (12. March 2001, sources Carsten Nielsen and Allan Støvring-Nielsen)

    New Desiro-DMU to HHGB: Hornbækbanen, which runs the Helsingør-Hornbæk-Gilleleje line in the northern Zealand recieved their new Desiro-DMU on 9. March 2001. HHGB wanted the DMU equipped with a stronger engine, but this will be installed in October. The trainset will be presented on 17. March 2001 and taken into use the following day. The trainset is numbered HHGB Dm 101 (Siemens 92840/2001) + HHGB Dm 102 (Siemens 92841/2001) (9. March 2001, source Jan Lundstrøm and others).

        Belgium: La Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Belges

    Head-on crash kills 8: At around 8.45 in the morning of 27. March 2001 a locomotive on an empty stock working crashed into a DMU consist with around 80 passengers near Pecrot, between the towns of Leuven and Ottignies. The four carriages of the southbound passenger train were crushed on impact as the empty train ploughed into them, ending up on top of one passenger car. Among the 8 people killed should be the two loco drivers (27. March 2001, source BBC)

    75 years celebrations of SNCB: The celebrations of the 75 years of SNCB will take place over the year. Among the events will be:
    5/6. May 2001: Open day at Bruxelles Forest TGV depot - shuttle train between Midi and Forest. Also a special train (presumably a Thalys?) running at 300 km/h between Midi and the French border.
    26/27. May 2001: Open day at Oostende depot - shuttle train between the station and depot. Steam trains between Oostende and Brugge.
    23/24. June 2001: Festival at Mons, including steam train runnings
    22/23. September 2001: Festival at Liege-Palais, including steam train runnings
    27/28. October 2001: Festival at Antwerpen Central. Possibility of exploring the tunnel under the station.

    More information and a spliffy flash-animation on (27. March 2001)

        Germany: Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) & private railways

    EuroTrack V170 1147 engine failure: EuroTrack V170 1147 has been stored with a broken engine. To go back in use it will need a new engine (26. June 2001, source Ulf Häger).

    HGK 9902: Häfen und Güterverkehr Köln AG Class 66 loco 9902 has now been bought by HGK following a more than a year of testing. 9902 is equipped with Dutch security system and will soon be ready for operation in Belgium as well. 9901 is not yet ready for use in the Nehterlands nor Belgium, as it is needed in replacement for the 3 DE 1024's (HGK 11-13, ex. DB 240, MaK 1989), which are being re-engined, probably with Caterpillar engines. HGK is not to buy other GM's at the moment, despite rumours of such (26. June 2001, source Lok-Report and

    7 day diagram for class 103: Among lots of other changes following the summer timetable change, the most important one is propably the fact that class 103, which was believed to loose all of their turns, still has a 7 day diagram. However, seen from a danish point of view, it was sad that they lost their Padborg turns. Details of current workings can be found on You'll also find a list of relief trains during the summer which will also be 103 hauled (19. June 2001, photo from Köln-Deutz august 2000 by Thorsten Büker).

    All NEG V170's sold on: Norddeutsche Eisenbahngesellschaft mbH (NEG) has ceased all operations except for the local freight trips on the Tornesch - Uetersen line, which are guaranteed up to 2005. The Nohabs und the two G1206-locomotives passed into the hands of EuroTrack (which is owned by Vossloh). EuroTrack now leases the locomotives to other companies.

    The biggest customer is EuroRail, a company which hauls Oil-trains on an "as-required" basis to and from various destinations in germany. EuroRail will use all 9 Nohabs by 30.06.2001. At present, V170 1127 and 1138 is still at Bremervörde to assist EVB's container-trains. There may also possibly be another loco at EVB. V170 1125 and 1131 are, as reported below, now at DE and were again renumbered to 410 and 411. One or two locomotives are believed to be at Haldensleben whereas the rest (V170 1147, 1149, 1151, 1155) already hauls trains for EuroRail.

    V170 1142 (the one with the red noses) was sold to Neckar-Schwarzwald-Alb Eisenbahnverkehrsgesellschaft mbH (NESA) last year and is assigned to special duties and ballast trains.

    So, by 01.05., the (former) NEG Nohabs locations were:
    V170 1125 DE
    V170 1127 EVB
    V170 1131 DE
    V170 1138 EVB
    V170 1143 Haldensleben
    V170 1147 EuroRail
    V170 1149 EuroRail
    V170 1151 EuroRail
    V170 1155 EuroRail
    V170 1142, sold to NESA
    (10. May 2001, source Georg Ringler. Photo of DE 410 und 411 by Frank Seebach at Gbf. Bochum Nord on 26. April 2001)

    V170's work for Dortmunder Eisenbahn: Since the beginning of April 2001, the former DSB MY's EuroTrack V170 1125 and 1131 are leased to Dortmunder Eisenbahn. They have been renumbered to DE 1810 + DE 1811. Freight trains are hauled from Dortmund to Bochum Präsident (25. April 2001, source and others).

    Elbe-Ferry to end operation: The privately owned ferry-line from Brunsbüttel to Cuxhaven has stopped, as there is not enough money to continue the operation. The original line ended in the beginning of the 1980's, but Mr. Egon Harms had the dream to restart this ferry line, so on 1. August 1999 he put 10 mio. DM's into the company and started the new line with the three former DSB-ferries M/F Jochen Steffen (former M/F Prinsesse Anne-Marie), M/F Hinrich Wilhelm Kopf (former M/F Prinsesse Elisabeth) and M/F Wilhelm Kaisen (former M/F Najaden). The ferries will now be sold. (12. March 2001, sources Sven Ullrich and Mikkel Elling).

        Netherlands: Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) & other operators

    Class 1600 freight locos sold to NS Reizigers: Railion (former NS Cargo) has sold electric locomotives 1634-1637 to NS Reizigers. Therefore, they will be renumbered as 1834-1837. The 1837 will keep his red outfit but will lose the "NS-Cargo"-signs. At the moment, it can be seen with push-pullsets on the route Lelystad-Amsterdam-Enkhuizen.

    NS Reizigers is however in need of even more locomotives, as plans of re-activating class 1300's seems to be cancelled. Instead of that, NS Reizigers is looking for 24 loc's (diesel or electric). NS Reizigers is in need for a great quantity, because PFA Weiden delivers the first of 150 rebuild coaches (ex-DB type Bm standard-coaches) in August or September. The coaches K4 (rented from NMBS) will probably stay until the end of 2003 (1. June 2001, source Bob Visser).

    1837 changes duty very often. After the push-pullduty the 1837 is used for nighttrains between Bad Bentheim and Amsterdam and some days later with nighttrains between Amsterdam and Roosendaal (trains to Paris) (26. June 2001, source Niels Karsdorp, who also added the photo of 1837 in Amersfoort).

    Last Plan X DMU withdrawn from Syntus: The last Plan X, better known as "dieseltwee", the no. 186 from Syntus, has given up the unfair struggle between Almelo and Marienberg. Since the middle of may, Syntus has substituted two Lint's for this line. One as a reserve and for the extra trains during the rush-hour, and one for the regular trains. Syntus wants to by two sets Class 141 for this line (1. June 2001, source Bob Visser).

    It is not Syntus but ConneXXion who wants the Class 141 sets for Almelo-Marienberg. ConneXXion is the busoperator in a large part of the Netherlands. It is still unsure, because RailNed will probably not permit these trains upon the Dutch railway network. And the track between Almelo and Marienberg is fitted with ATB (like ATC) and ConneXXion has not ordered any ATB equipment, yet. Livery of ATB equipment will take about a year.... We will see what will happen.... (26. June 2001, source Niels Karsdorp).

    End near for the class 2200 diesels: There is a possibility that in September the 2200's for freight between
    Terneuzen and Sas van Gent/Zelzate will be replaced by DB 202. That will be the end of the 2200's in regular service. In service are now 2203, 2207, 2212, 2376 and 2384 (Cargo-red) (1. June 2001, source Bob Visser).

    Shortlines Köln-Maasvlakte freight train with class 66: From summer timetable Shortlines will use a HGK class 66 (9901 or 9902) for the daily containertrain Köln Eifeltor-Maasvlakte and return. A timetable can be found on the homepage of Bob Visser (1. June 2001, source Bob Visser).

    ACTS also in need of more locos: ACTS is increasing its traffic and has recently started running waist in 20 wagons from Onnen to Bad Bentheim on fridays. There Mindener Kreisbahnen GmbH (MKB) takes over and brings the train to Schwarze Pumpe in Germany. Sunday the empty trains returns.
    Four times a week a class 1200 brings an oiltrains coming from Austria from Emmerich to Amsterdam Westhaven (harbour).

    It is suggested that british EWS will rent 8 Class 58 for ten years to ACTS.

    ACTS started operations in March 1999.
    ACTS rolling stock list:

    ACTS 1251 Werkspoor ex. NS 1215
    ACTS 1252 Werkspoor ex. NS 1225
    ACTS 1253 Werkspoor ex. NS 1218
    ACTS 1254 Werkspoor ex. NS 1214
    ACTS 1255 Werkspoor ex. NS 1221
    ACTS 6002 LEW V60 17699 ex. CD LEW V60, used for shunting at Amsterdam Westhaven
    ACTS 6003 LEW V 60 18105 ex. CD LEW V60, rarely in use for shunting at Waalhaven Zuid
    ACTS 6701 BN ex. SNCB 6221
    ACTS 6702 BN ex. SNCB 6225
    ACTS 6703 BN ex. SNCB 6391
    ACTS 6704 BN ex. SNCB 6392
    ACTS 6705 BN ex. SNCB 6393
    ACTS 618 Dick Kerr Works ex. NS 618, in store
    ACTS 661 Dick Kerr Works   ex. NS 661, in store

    All locomotives are blue with yellow stripes, except for the 1255 and 6701. They are black with orange stripes.
    ATCS on the Internet: (1. June 2001, sources Bob's ACTS-page, European Railway Server and Tims Trein Page niuws).

    ACTS 618 and 661 are sold or given to the museumorganisation VSM, where the locos were stored for a while. Also the 604, which was private owned and waiting to be put in a company's garden, is given to VSM when the company stopped existing. Railion, the former owner of the 604, does not permit the 604 to run. Therefore the VSM has renumbered the
    604 to 661 and use the loco for shunting around Beekbergen (the museumdepot) (Quite complicated, isn't it? ;-).

    The 604, 618 and 661 all have their yellow/gray NS-livery.

    ACTS also ownes another Class V60, officially numbered 6001. This loco is taken over from SSN and used for spare parts for 6002 and 6003. The color is orange (26. June 2001, source Niels Karsdorp).


        Norway: Norske Statsbaner (NSB)

    NSB Di3 status:

    602 : Preserved Museumslok, first Di3 build, prototype 1954, N#2246, painted green on delivery
    603 : Preserved Museumslok (?), in use for 43 years, first seriesloco 1957, first loco painted red in 1963
    604 : Scraooed
    605 : JBV, Bergensbanen, sold to TÅGAB, first with electrical train heating 1967
    606 : Scrapped, mellomdesign
    607 : Scrapped
    608 : Scrapped, rebuild at Nohab following accident
    609 : Scrapped, SPOT vestre linje 1989
    610 : Museumslok (?), Finse Nohaben, old design, steam kettle heating
    611 : Scrapped
    612 : Scrapped, first loco withdrawn, 1987
    613 : Scrapped
    614 : Scrapped
    615 : Spare parts for JBM`s lok 602 and 616, first Di3 in new design 1983, oldest silenced loco
    616 : Museumslok, JBM/GMG, painted red 1962 design
    617 : Scrapped, N#2400
    618 : Scrapped
    619 : Send to Kosovo, much in use 2000
    620 : To be scrapped, hauled SPOT østre linje 1990, ran a total of 5 mill km 1990
    621 : To be scrapped, last loco in green livery
    622 : To Sicily 04.06.01, 18,9 m
    623 : JBV, demo loco Hungaria 1960, signed "Raumabanen 75 år"
    624 : Scrapped, butten in Bodø, first loco delivered in red livery 1965
    625 : Scrapped, Åsta, lok 641 var oppsatt på toget
    626 : To Sicily (?), first with new front lights
    627 : Scrapped, lok 602 var oppsatt på toget som 627 trakk da det kolliderte
    628 : JBV
    629 : In use, reserve, last in old design 1994
    630 : To Sicily (?), first to be noise isolated in both ends, 16-567E engine
    631 : In use, reserve, to Sicily 06.06.01
    632 : In use, reserve, last noise isolated
    633 : Kosovo, last Di3 1969, 105 kmt, N#2752
    641 : Kosovo, 143 kmt, three head lights
    642 : In use, reserve
    643 : Kosovo, been in Finland, bad fronts

    (20. June 2001, thanks to Knut Ragnar Holme, Fredrikstad for sending the list)

    TGOJ "class 66" T66 713 on lease to NSB Gods: TGOJ class 66 T 66 713 arrived in Norway on 28. February 2001 at Lodalen. On friday 2. March 2001 the loco ran together with Di8.702 on test drivings to Seterstøa. 4. March 2001 the loco was send in a freight train to Trondheim for technician and driver training in the Marienborg workshop. The loco was tested in and north of Trondheim in the following weeks. On 22. May the loco returned in a freight train to Oslo for further driving education and testings, and has been allowed to run in Norway by Jernbaneverket and Jernbanetilsynet. The locos has following been leased by NSB Gods (20. June 2001, source Knut Ragnar Holme).

    Di3 to Sicily: NSB Di3.622 and 631 has left Norway, going to Italy to work for an industry on Sicily. Di3.622 was hauled by Rc2 1115 in freight train 6145 Malmö-Ystad on 14. June 2001. (19. June 2001, source Postvagnen I, II).

    Class Di.4 to be overhauled in Copenhagen: NSB is going to let one of the class Di.4 diesel-electrics be overhauled by the DSB main workshop (Centralværkstedet) in Copenhagen. The five class Di.4 is the last NSB GM-powered locomotives and it's therefore to expensive to maintain the Marienborg workshop in Trondheim. Initially one sample loco will be overhauled (10. May 2001).

    NSB Di.4 653 is in Copenhagen since around the 25. May 2001 for overhaul (29. May 2001).

        Sweden : Statens Jarnvägar (SJ) & other operators

    German class 420 EMU's to Storstockholms Lokaltrafik: Following damage on several trainsets and opening of new lines to Bro and Bålsta Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL) will by class 420 'Olympia' EMU's from Germany. The trains will be only be briefly overhauled before entering traffic (19. June 2001 source SJK and Postvagnen).

    BK-Tåg TMY repainted & other NoHAB news: BK-Tåg TMY 1111 (former DSB MY 1111) has been repainted in a handsome light blue livery following some rebuildings in Västervik. A photo can be found here.

    TÅGAB TMX 104, the former DSB MX 1021, was stored in February due to mechanical failures.TMX 104 still carries its "Graffiti"-livery as seen on the photo by Niels Karsdorp.

    TÅGAB MX 1032, used for spare parts, which was purchased from BSM in april 2000 and taken to Kristinehamn on 8. April 2000 was taken to a scrapper in Nykroppa in the autumn of 2000. It was scrapped here on 28. February 2001. MX 1028 is still standing as spare parts loco in Kristinehamn.
    (12. March 2001, sources SJK Postvagnen, Jan Lundstrøm and John Nissen).

    Also BK-Tåg TMX 1042 has been repainted in the handsome livery as TMY 1111. This happened during april 2001 (1. June 2001).

    LKAB Iore in use: The regular use of the Malmbanan Iore-locomotives started on 7. March 2001 when Iore-loco 101-102 took a heavy train from Gällivare to Luleå.The locos are normally formed of a traction unit of two locos, giving the Co'Co'+Co'Co'-locos a power of 10.800 kW at a weight of 360 tonnes and a traction effort of 1,200 kN! It is thus the worlds most powerfull locos (12. March 2001, sources Svenska ellok and ADtranz).

        Model Railways

    Heljan announces DSB class PR steam loco for 2002: Heljan advertises in the current issue of the model railway magazine Lokomotivet, that they will make the 2C1-T4 steam loco class PR in HO-gauge in 2002. The PR locos where rebuild from class P atlantics in the begining of the 1950's and where famous for a bad look but good run on the tracks! (26. June 2001).

    O-scale MY?: O-Scale-Models of Germany is currently investigating the posibility of releasing a class MY loco in scale 1:45. See more details on where you can participate in a survey if you're interested in such a model (select umfrage) (19. June 2001).

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